Responsible Use Policy - Sections E.7, E.8, & E.9

E.7 - Harassment

Harassment of others via electronic methods is prohibited under California State Penal Code Section 653m, other applicable laws and University policies. It is a violation of this policy to use electronic means to harass, threaten, or otherwise cause harm to a specific individual(s), whether by direct or indirect reference. It may be a violation of this policy to use electronic means to harass or threaten groups of individuals by creating a hostile environment.

Federal copyright law applies to all forms of information, including electronic communications, and violations are prohibited under this policy. Infringements of copyright laws include, but are not limited to, making unauthorized copies of any copyrighted material (including software, text, images, audio, and video), and displaying or distributing copyrighted materials over computer networks without the author's permission except as provided in limited form by copyright fair use restrictions.

The "fair use" provision of the copyright law allows for limited reproduction and distribution of published works without permission for such purposes as criticism, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research. For more information on this issue, see Stanford University's Copyright and Fair Use website.

Cal Poly will not tolerate academic cheating, plagiarism or theft of intellectual property in any form.

E.9 - Trademarks and Patents

Student, faculty and staff use of University information technology resources in the creation of inventions and other intellectual property that may be patented, trademarked or licensed for commercial purposes must be consistent with Cal Poly's Intellectual Property Policy.  Unauthorized use of trade secrets and trademarked names or symbols is prohibited. Use of Cal Poly's name and symbols must comply with University policy.

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