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Welcome to the Information Security Office

We all have a shared responsibility to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Cal Poly information assets. Our website is intended to provide you with the tools and information to protect yourself, your computer, and help prevent the unauthorized access to or use of University information.

Current Issues

  • Campus Response to Heartbleed Bug - A computer security issue known as the “Heartbleed bug” was announced Monday, April 7, 2014. The bug may affect many of the secure Web services you use.  The threat is that this particular vulnerability can expose confidential information that is normally considered secure.  For more information see What Should You Do About Heartbleed?
  • Phishing Email Alert - Cal Poly users are currently receiving a variety of targeted "spear" phishing emails that appear to come from Cal Poly. Most of the messages contain a link to a web form (on Google docs or other sites) asking users to reveal their username and password. Less common are emails asking users to reply with their username and password. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK OR REPLY TO THE EMAIL!  Visit our What is Phishing? page for details, including links to sample phishing emails
  • Campus self-assessment forms are now available.  Responses from each area of campus will be via the Information Security Coordinators, and are due on May 31.  
  • Identity Finder Software - Preventing a data breach starts with knowing where your sensitive information exists.  Identity Finder software can help you locate confidential data you may not be aware of and assist you with proper security or disposal.
  • Cal Poly Information Security Awareness Training - Cal Poly information security is a shared responsibility to protect resources.
  • Information Security Standards - Minimum requirements to implement the Information Security Program. Vulnerability Assessment and Management is the latest publication.
  • Information Security Program (PDF) - Applies to the security of all University information and to all Cal Poly students, employees, consultants, contractors, or any person having access to University information in any form.
  • Responsible Use Policy - The principal concern of this policy is the effective and efficient use of information technology resources. All users must abide by this policy.
  • HEOA P2P/Copyright Compliance - Campus plans for complying with peer-to-peer file sharing requirements under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008

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