Designated Information Authorities of Cal Poly Records


This designation is for use in authorizing requests for access to or use of information and as a reference for record retention and disposition schedules. For specific responsibilities of Information Authorities and Information Custodian/Stewards, refer to Information Classification and Handling Standard and Record Retention and Disposition Standard.

Information and Records CSU or Cal Poly Retention and Disposition Schedule Information Authority
Academic Personnel Academic Personnel Schedule Associate Vice President, Academic Personnel
Admissions   Vice President, Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives

Associated Students, Inc. - ASI Human Resources

  Executive Director, Associated Students, Inc.
Continuing Education   Dean, Continuing Education
Cal Poly Corporation - CPC Human Resources   Associate Vice President, Commercial Services, and Executive Director, Cal Poly Corporation
Curriculum and Accreditation Materials:
Catalogs, Class Schedules, Course Programs, Policy Memos affecting Program Changes, Program Evaluation, Academic Calendar Grade Rosters and Books, Master Plan
Curriculum and Accreditation Schedule Vice Provost for Programs and Planning
State Employee / Human Resources Personnel files,  Pay Related Records Personnel/Payroll Schedule Director, Human Resources
Environmental Health and Safety Environmental  Health & Safety Schedule Executive Director, Facility Services
Facilities Information, Energy, Utilities, Vehicle Records, Fed Disaster Assistance Capital Planning, Construction and Facilities Management Schedule Executive Director, Facility Services
Facilities Capital Planning, Construction and Facilities Management: Architecture and Engineering, Construction Management, Land Use Planning, Environmental  Planning Capital Planning, Construction and Facilities Management Schedule Executive Director, Facility Planning and Capital Projects
Financial System Information


Director, Budget and Analytic Business Services
Financial Aid   Vice President, Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives
Fiscal Services Fiscal Schedule (in progress) Director, Fiscal Services
Health Services   Director, Health and Counseling Services
Housing and Residential Life - Residence Halls   Associate Vice President and Executive Director, University Housing
Information Stored in Department Offices and Employee Offices   Vice President, Dean, Associate Dean, Director, Manager, etc.
Information Technology Services Records:
Affiliated Persons, Information Technology Abuse Information, PolyCard (ISO #, Barcode #), Campus Credentials (Username, Password), University Domain Names, E-mail Delivery Address, etc.
Cal Poly - ITS Vice Provost, Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer
Institutional Records:
Campus Policies, Presidential Executive Orders, Administrative Program Review, Presidential Records, Executive Business Calendars, Correspondence, Communication Records, etc.
Institutional Records Schedule Chief of Staff to the President
Public Records Act Requests, Trade Marks and Logos Institutional Records Schedule Assistant Vice President, Administration and Finance


Committee Agendas & Minutes, Academic Senate Agendas & Minutes Institutional Records Schedule CPC Legal Counsel
Litigation Files Institutional Records Schedule Department Heads
Media/Public Relations Records Institutional Records Schedule Assoc Vice President, Strategic Communications, University Advancement
Art Inventory Records Institutional Records Schedule ASI-CPC-University Advancement
Child Development Office Files Institutional Records Schedule ASI or CLA
Law Enforcement / University Police:
Information, Daily Activity Records, Sealed Records,  Arrest Reports, Crime/Case/Supplemental Incident Reports & Records, Metrics, Reports, Summaries, Office and Maintenance Records, Personnel Records.
University Police Schedule Chief of Police
Library Information   Dean, Library Services
Payroll Information Personnel/
Payroll Schedule
Director, Fiscal Services
Contracting Information   Director, Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management
Research and Sponsored Programs:
Administrative and Financial Grant & Award Records, Conflict of Interest Records, IRB Records, IACUC Records, Misconduct Records, Research Data
Research and Sponsored Programs Schedule Dean, Research and Graduate Programs
Student Financial Information   Director, Fiscal Services
Student Information / Records, Admissions and Academic Records, Financial Aid Records, International Student Education, Student Athlete Records, Student Conduct Records, Student Health Records, Veteran Records Student Records Schedule Registrar
Solicitation Campaigns Using Commercial Fundraisers; Date and Amount of each cash contribution; Date, Amount, Name and Address of each non-cash contributor; Name and Address of each employee or agent involved; Documentation of all revenue received and all expenses incurred; The account number, name and location of bank or financial institution in which accounts were maintained; Namings of Colleges, Schools and other Academic Entities and documents supporting approval by the Board of Trustees; Namings of Facilities and Properties and documents supporting approval by the Board of Trustees; Donor Profiles; Substantive Contact Reports; Alumni Database; Affinity Solicitation Opt-Out; FERPA Opt-Out; Policies and Procedures; Charitable contributions. University Advancement Schedule Associate Vice President for University Advancement Operations and Finance


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