Responsible Use Policy - Sections F & G

F. Policy Compliance

The Vice Provost/Chief Information Officer is authorized by the President to ensure that the appropriate standards and practices to implement the policy are in place, communicated and followed by the University community. The Vice Provost/Chief Information Officer or designee will ensure that suspected violations and resultant actions receive the proper and immediate attention of the appropriate University officials, law enforcement, outside agencies, and disciplinary/grievance processes in accordance with due process.

The Vice Provost/Chief Information Officer or designee will inform users about the policy; receive and respond to complaints; collect and secure evidence as required; advise and assist University offices on the interpretation, investigation and enforcement of this policy; consult with University Legal Counsel on matters involving interpretation of law, campus policy, or requests from outside law enforcement agencies and/or legal counsel; and maintain a record of each incident and its resolution to inform future policy changes.

G. Consequences of Non-Compliance

Enforcement will be based upon receipt by Information Services of one or more formal complaints about a specific incident or through discovery of a possible violation in the normal course of administering information technology resources.

First offenses and minor infractions of this policy, when accidental or unintentional, such as consuming excessive resources or overloading computer systems, are generally resolved informally by the unit administering the resource. This may be done through e-mail or in-person discussion and education.

Repeated offenses and serious incidents of non-compliance may lead to University disciplinary action under CSU and University disciplinary policies and procedures for students and employees, employee contract provisions where appropriate, private civil action, and/or criminal charges. Serious incidents of non-compliance include but are not limited to unauthorized use of computer resources, attempts to steal passwords or data, unauthorized use or copying of licensed software, repeated harassment, or threatening behavior.

In addition to the above, inappropriate use of information technology resources may result in personal criminal, civil and other administrative liability

Appeals of University actions resulting from enforcement of this policy will be handled through existing disciplinary/grievance processes for Cal Poly students and employees.

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