Responsible Use Policy - Sections H & I

H. Reporting Irresponsible or Inappropriate Use

Suspected infractions of this policy should be reported to in accordance with Appendix D, Policy Implementation and Practices.  There might be situations when the following additional offices/officials should be notified of suspected violations when filing a complaint:

I.  Policy Review and Practices Oversight

The Vice Provost for Information Services/Chief Information Officer is responsible for application and enforcement of this policy. The Information Services Office of the CIO shall shall review this policy on an annual basis or as the need arises, make recommendations for any changes, and provide oversight and periodic review of the practices used to implement this policy. Recommended changes shall be reviewed and approved by the VP/CIO, in consultation with campus advisory committees and University officials, including the Provost and President. The current version of the policy will be posted and maintained on the Cal Poly web site.

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