Responsible Use Policy - Section C

C. Guiding Principles

The following principles underlie this policy and should guide its application and interpretation:

  1. Freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression is a paramount value of the Cal Poly community. To preserve that freedom, the community relies on the integrity and responsible use of University resources by each of its members.
  2. Information technology resources are provided to support the University's mission of education, research and service. To ensure that these shared and finite resources are used effectively to further the University's mission, each user has the responsibility to:
    1. use the resources appropriately and efficiently;
    2. respect the freedom and privacy of others;
    3. protect the stability and security of the resources; and
    4. understand and fully abide by established University policies and applicable public laws.
  3. Responsible use of University resources will be given priority over the current or potential design,capability or functionality of specific information technology resources including operating systems, hardware, software, and the Internet.
  4. Users of information technology resources are expected to uphold the highest academic standards in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct (as listed in the Class Schedule, Cal Poly Catalog, Student Handbook, and Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities information) and other University policies and practices.

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