Responsible Use Policy - Section D

D. Policy Application

As a general guideline, the institution regards the principle of academic freedom to be a key factor in assuring the effective application of this policy and its standards and practices. The law is another source of guidance. The University's roles in supporting or acting to enforce such law is also critical to how this policy will be applied.

  1. All existing laws (federal, state and local) and State of California, California State University and Cal Poly regulations and policies apply, including not only laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct. This may also include laws of other states and countries where material is accessed electronically via University resources by users within those jurisdictions or material originating within those jurisdictions is accessed via University resources.
  2. The accessibility of certain University information technology resources, such as network-based services, implies a degree of risk that the existence, viewing or receipt of such information/content may be offensive. As a matter of policy, the University protects expression by members of its community and does not wish to become an arbiter of what may be regarded as "offensive" by some members of the community. However, in exceptional cases, the University may decide that such material directed at individuals or classes of individuals presents such a hostile environment under the law that certain restrictive actions are warranted.
  3. The University reserves the right to limit access to its resources when policies or laws are violated and to use appropriate means to safeguard its resources, preserve network/system integrity, and ensure continued service delivery at all times. This includes monitoring routing information of communications across its network services and transaction records residing on University resources, scanning systems attached to the Cal Poly network for security problems, disconnecting systems that have become a security hazard, and restricting the material transported across the network or posted on University systems.
  4. Hyperlinks within the policy to external documents are provided for the reference and convenience of readers. They should not be viewed as implying that the referenced document is being incorporated into this policy except as stated or otherwise specified in the policy itself.

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