Security Certificates - Warning: Your Identity Could Be the Next One Stolen

When we visit a web site, we all just want it to work. So, when a warning pops up to impede progress, instead of accepting it, it's worth slowing down to understand the risks. Two things can cause the warnings shown below, or similar warnings:

  1. A problem with the site you're visiting.
  2. Someone trying to steal your username, password, and other information.

Removing permanently accepted web certificates can help you protect yourself.

On Windows, with Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Certificate Untrusted

On Windows, with FireFox

Firefox Connection Untrusted

If you just click "Ok", "Continue", or "I understand the risks", you're gambling that it's just a problem with the web site. But the security attack that causes these warnings is happening much more often, so you're potentially betting a lot: YOUR username, YOUR password, YOUR identity, and YOUR money.

If you always see this warning when visiting certain web sites, those specific sites may have problems. Otherwise, be aware that an attacker may be trying to impersonate one or more web sites you access. The details are technical, but the result isn't: if you ignore the warning, they'll be able to see everything you send to the site, everything the site sends to you, so accessing your account is a piece of cake.

If you receive any notifications like the pictures above, CLOSE THE WEB PAGE or select "GET ME OUT OF HERE", and contact your IT personnel or the ITS Service Desk.

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