Removing Permanently Accepted Web Certificates in Firefox (PC)

On a Windows PC

Click Firefox then tools, then options.

Start by opening the Firefox browser, click “tools” on the menu bar, and click “options” on the drop down.


Click Advanced, then Enryption, then View Certificates.

Click the “advanced” tab, then click the “encryption” tab, and click on the “view certificates” button.


Click Servers.

Click on the “servers” tab to view any permanently accepted certificates.  Only those certificates listed as permanent under lifetime within the servers tab should be removed. 
*Caution is advised in deleting items that may be part of normal operations.


Highlight the server certificate and select delete.

Remove the certificate by clicking on it to highlight it, and then click the delete button.  Click “ok” before exiting.
*Caution is advised in deleting items that may be part of normal operations


Click OK to exit.

No further action is required if no permanently accepted certificates are present.

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