Responsible Use Policy - Section E.3

E.3 - Electronic Information Retention and Disclosure

Original electronic materials and/or copies may be retained for specified periods of time on system backups and other locations; however the University does not warrant that such information can be retrieved. Unless otherwise required by law and/or policy, Cal Poly reserves the right to delete stored files and messages to preserve system integrity. Except in an emergency, users will be given advance notice to delete files and messages.

Electronic files or messages, whether or not created and stored on University resources, may constitute a University record subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act or other laws, or as a result of litigation. Electronic copies must be provided in response to a public record request or legally issued subpoena, subject to very limited exceptions, as with other documents created and retained by the University.

Disclosure of confidential information to unauthorized persons or entities, or the use of such information for self-interest or advantage, is prohibited. Access to non-public institutional data  by unauthorized persons or entities is prohibited.

Requests for disclosure of confidential information and retention of potential evidence will be honored when approved by authorized University officials or required by state or federal law.

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