Cal Poly Email Antivirus Gateway Information

In response to input from campus constituent groups asking for increased security of network and computing services, Information Technology Services (ITS) operates a campus email antivirus gateway as part of an overall information security solution.

The gateway is designed to help Cal Poly to:

  • balance the openness of the Internet with the need to protect the privacy and integrity of campus information and services,
  • reduce the threat of viruses entering Cal Poly's network
  • reduce the likelihood of off-campus individuals using campus computers to send viruses to Internet users.

If you have any further questions not answered on this page, visit the ITS website at or call 805-756-7000 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email antivirus Gateway?

The email anti virus gateway is an appliance designed to send and receive email at a very high rate of speed. The email gateway acts as the campus entry point for all email addresses. Internet email is directed to the email gateway. Emails are then scanned for viruses and SPAM and sent to the mail server on campus for delivery.

How will I know if the gateway found a virus?

Any infected attachment will be deleted and the remaining message will be delivered with the following tag in the subject: [WARNING: VIRUS REMOVED].

Will it delete my email?

Messages identified positively as SPAM by the email gateway system will be quarantined for a period of time and then deleted. While in the quarantine area, messages are accessible only by an email system administrator. The administrator can track, review, and move messages out of the quarantine if appropriate.

What if an email or attachment is encrypted and cannot be checked by the email gateway?

If an incoming message and/or attachment cannot be scanned by the email gateway, it will be delivered with the following text added to the top of the message:

[The following text has been inserted by the Cal Poly email system]

This message contains enrypted attachment(s) that the Cal Poly email system was unable to scan for viruses. If you were not expecting an encrypted file from <address in the From: line> you should NOT open the attachment without first contacting the sender to confirm the email is legitimate. If you have a question, please contact the ITS Service Desk at (805) 756-7000.

[The original message is below]

What should I do if I receive notification that an email contained a virus?

You may choose to follow up and contact the person or ISP that sent the virus to you.

Will it also scan my other email accounts?

If you configure your Cal Poly Preferred E-mail Address (EDA) using the Cal Poly Portal, you can send mail to your - and then it will be directed to whatever email account you desire. Before it is sent to the off campus email server, it will be scanned for viruses.

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