IT Security Standard: Computing Devices - Definitions

Administrator Account - An account on a computing device that allows for all or a broad range of privileges for purposes of administering the device or an application.

Administrative Password(s)-The password associated with the Administrator Account(s).

Devices with Operating System Configuration Access- Devices where the manufacturer allows and expects the owner to manage operating system configuration settings.  Devices with operating systems hidden by the manufacturer, such as some instrumentation devices or commodity mobile phones would not fall under this definition.

Enterprise Computing Device or Server- Any computing device that offers services to more than one user over the network or is used to provide data or services to another device.

Least Privilege- Offering only the required functionality to each authorized user.

Storage Media- An electronic device that can hold data.  Examples include: disk drives internal and external to a computing device, memory cards, magnetic tapes, and DVD/CD disks.

System Administrator or Computing Device Administrator-The individual or individuals responsible for the overall implementation and maintenance of a computing device.


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