IT Security Standard: Computing Devices - Decommissioning and Data Disposition


All Devices

  • A computing device connected to the campus network must be in compliance with campus standards, even if it is no longer being used for its intended purpose.
  • Computing devices must be removed from the campus network in a timely way when no longer in use. 
  • Appropriate system and network administrators must be notified of the computing device removal to ensure appropriate configurations changes to those systems and networks.
  • Disposition of a computing device and/or data must adhere to the Disposition of Protected Data Standard and University Property Control Procedures.
  • Data on storage media must be
    • rendered unreadable before requested for survey.
    • rendered unreadable before transfer to another organization, either internal or external to the university, for reuse or repair.
    • kept in a location limited to authorized personnel while awaiting processing to render the storage media unreadable.

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