Getting Started with Identity Finder

The Information Security Office is currently working with high risk areas to deploy Identity Finder software to evaluate its benefit, feasibility, and required resources.   This project includes sampling from the following departments:

  • Health and Counseling Services
  • Administration and Finance
  • Academic Affairs – Financial Aid
  • Cal Poly Corporation

If you are not part of the sampling group, Identity Finder is not available at this time.     A decision will be made based on the evaluation criteria mentioned above whether Identity Finder software will be deployed campus wide. This site will be updated as information becomes available.

How to Obtain Identity Finder Software

Not yet available

Installing Identity Finder

If you are part of the sampling group and have received the Identity Finder executable, please follow the install instructions for your operating system.

Scanning Your Computer for Sensitive Data

Understanding Discovered Data & What to do with it

Remediating Discovered PII or Sensitive Data

  • Using the ignore feature
  • Shredding sensitive data
  • Scrubbing or redacting sensitive data
  • Quarantine Option - not available.
  • Secure Option - not available.  The Secure feature will encrypt the file and may only be accessed with the password set at the time of encryption. Though this feature may seem advantageous, it has its drawbacks. For example, if a user were to forget the password to the file, the data will not be recoverable.
  • Recycle Option - not available.

How to Manage Your Scanning Profile Password

The Identity Finder client application provides the ability to save settings, configuration information, and sensitive data across sessions through the use of a profile password

Note: It is not possible to recover a lost password; however, it is possible to delete a profile and create a new one.

When the profile password is created, that password is used to encrypt the profile. The profile password is not stored anywhere and therefore if it is lost or forgotten, then all of the information in the profile will be lost.

If you have questions about Identity Finder, please contact the Information Security Office via email at

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