Chief Information Officer

The Vice President for Information Technology Services/Chief Information Officer:

  • Provides policy and operational guidance to the University, the IRMPPC, and the Information Security Officer on all Cal Poly information resources, systems and networks supporting campus uses of digitally-based information addressed in this program.
  • EnsureĀ  physical and virtual security, accessibility, integrity and protection of information in digital form and the computing resources, networks, and applications that support and enable its use as required.
  • Coordinates with the Information Security Officer, if needed, on the investigation, assessment, tracking, resolution, and reporting of security issues involving information technology resources and reports potential criminal violations to the University Police Department in a timely manner.
  • Provides a quarterly Incident Record Report summary report to the Information Security Officer.
  • Maintains the Incident Record Reporting system that contains a record of each incident and its resolution, including any new security measures implemented in response to the incident.
  • Reviews annual report of computing equipment losses (Summary of Computing Equipment Loss Reports), computer system incidents and University information incidents (Incident Record Report Summary) provided by the Information Security Officer.
  • Confers with Information Security Officer, as needed.
  • Reviews and endorses security policies and procedures related to digital information assets and the information technology resources used to access, transmit, and store them.

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